This Is Country Music

Some ppl like country music. Some don't. Some don't care. I need me some characters so i will tell you about my clock. it is black and digital and has a radio on it which i use to listen to coutry music

What about you? i really love stuff. i have this bunny family (stuffed animals) with a mom (pinky) a dad (justin) and a baby (peter) they are all so cute and yo uwoudl love them

Created by: JKJK

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  1. Who sings "Anything Like Me"?
  2. Who inspired Taylor Swift to go to Nashville at age 11?
  3. Who sings "Stuck Like Glue"?
  4. Which couple is for real?
  5. Who sings "Picture To Burn"?
  6. Who just got married this summer?
  7. Who sings "Put You In A Song"?
  8. Who's not impressed with "dudes getting facials"?
  9. Who sings "Dont Take The Girl"?
  10. Who has a daughter who is into pop music?
  11. Who sings "On The Road Again"?
  12. What genre does The Band Perry perform?
  13. Taylor Swift is dating who?
  14. Who is your face country singers? (no effect)

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