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A quiz about the modern landscape of the WWE. Some of these questions are designed to be a little tricky and nit-picky, so make sure you pay attention to the wording, and consider the context. If you think I am trying to trip you up... It's probably because I am!

I am making this primarily for Scott Vance. He got a raw deal in taking a quiz that was older, and hard to read. Hope you manage to get through it and squeak out a passing grade!

Created by: Pa1adan

  1. What WWE Superstar is frequently labeled as, "The Underdog From The Underground"?
  2. Who's entrance music is this: Do-Do Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do Do-Do Do-Do-Do-Do Do-Do Do-Do-Do-DoDoDo
  3. Which CURRENTLY ACTIVE WWE Superstar has had the most title reigns in this decade?
  4. Which CURRENTLY ACTIVE WWE Superstar has has held the WWE Championship for the lo nest comeulative time?
  5. Since the end of Undertaker's streak, he has defeated Bray Wyatt, Shane McMahon, Roman Reigns, and John Cena in Wrestle Mania matches... But who is the only active roster member left who attributed to Undertakers Streak prior to WM30
  6. Which tag-team was the first to hold NXT, RAW, and Smackdown titles?
  7. Which currently active superstar WAS NOT a member of the international faction, The Bullet Club, outside of WWE?
  8. Who is the most recent Superstar to win WWE's Triple Crown (Winning a World Championship, tag-team championship, and a secondary championship)?
  9. What active superstar began the decade as WWE Champion?
  10. What current Superstar has spent the most comeulative time in a Royal Rumble match?
  11. Which active singles superstar has the best W% for 2019
  12. Who is the only winner of the reality version of NXT, that is still an active roster member?
  13. Which one of these women is the only superstar still active, and competed on NXT Season 3?
  14. Which Firefly Funhouse character does not represent a WWE personality?
  15. Who's Entrance music is this: "Be yourself, Can't be no one else. Another Day, Gotta give 'em hell. It's burning straigjt through the dark --"
  16. Which current title design doesn't belong?
  17. Which of these couples don't belong?
  18. Which WWE personality has never appeared in a non-wrestling videogame?
  19. Which current WWE Employee has not worked for WWE, WCW, and TNA?
  20. Who is the best win percentage overall on the current roster? (This is legitimately the top 8...)

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