The Ultra Super Hard Family Guy Quiz

Family Guy is a great show, everyone loves it, but not every one is an addict. Some people don't watch daily, they usually watch the Simpsons and don't bother with Family Guy.

Are YOU a Family Guy addict, do YOU watch Family Guy and do YOU not watch the Simpsons too much? Find out in this quiz if YOU are a Family Guy addict.

Created by: dylan

  1. What is brians cousin's name?
  2. What happens to Peter when he eats too many nickel's?
  3. Finish the sentence "Meg , who let you __________
  4. Who are Brian and Stewie's girlfriend's?
  5. What was Joe's past?
  6. What does Brian legalize?
  7. When Peter gets amnesia, what video game does he play to learn to drive?
  8. When Stewie meets oasma bin laden, what is he wearing?
  9. Where does Brian and Stewie shoot to get out of the army?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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