The Ultimate Random QUITZ!?

Hello! I am Idee Yot-Hedh and this is my friend, Givmi Foode. We're gonna give you TEH ULTIMATE RANDOM QUITZ.zz. So Sieg Heil! Ploop ploop ploop ploop.

This quiz will test your intelligence, strength and charm.....(actually, we're just gonna test your insanity). Am I gonna be ready? *nods and bites arm off*.

Created by: mentalmind144

  1. Pineapples are...
  2. Justin Bieber is...
  3. What is your name...?
  4. Negative!
  5. Complete this drunk man's story: . So I says to Stalin that he wuz _____
  6. MeatSpace!
  7. You are...
  8. I will find you, Alan Wynzel. And when I're gonna eat spaghetti! Say Yay!
  9. Sieg Heil!
  10. gfhp;mh? skhpgvsanl.lagmsjsajklgin!? ;lfhsahkshsjh.?

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