The thing in the woods

So are you interested in the story that I am going to tell you this is only one of three parts of the story and comment about it this idea came to me and it's time I tell you it

It is about six friends who go on a long hiking/camping trip and a tour guide and half way through the trip it goes wrong and they end up fighting for their lives

Created by: Demonic werewolf
  1. You and five of your friends decided to go on a hiking trip
  2. You decide to stop at a gas station to get some food and as you are paying for the things you ask the clerk if he knows any tour guides
  3. He tells you about a tour guide about half a mile down the road
  4. You say thank you and you load up the provision and start looking for that tour guide
  5. You found the tour guide and he agrees to show you and your friends around he asks you where you want to see
  6. You go over to the map on the wall and show him he says that the area that you want to see is private property
  7. You tell him how much you are willing to pay him he changes his mind and agrees to take you there
  8. You stay there for the night and plan to head out in the morning
  9. This is just one part of the story
  10. Will you continue to read this

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