The Spongebob Quiz

I designed this quiz to see how many people have a full knowledge of Spongebob Squarepants.....I am driving my mom crazy writing this so I hope you take the time to do my quiz!!

How much do you know about Spongebob Square pants??????????!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy taking this quiz..I had lots of fun creating it ...Good Luck!!!!!!

Created by: CLC

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  1. What is Spongebob's pets name?
  2. Who is Spongebob's best friend?
  3. What is Spongebob's favorite sport?
  4. What is Spongebob?
  5. Who does Spongebob work for?
  6. What does Squidword like to do?
  7. who is the smartest person in Binkini Bottom
  8. What kind of fruit does Spongebob live in?
  9. what color are Spongebob's eyes?
  10. How many teeth does Spongebob have?

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