The Sorting Hat

The sorting hat quiz what are you which of the four Hogwarts houses Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw and Gryffindor each of these four houses have certain traits and I'll be judging which house you are in by these questions

I personally m a Hufflepuff my brother is out Ravenclaw along with my mom and my dad is a Slytherin so what house will you be in find out take this quiz and maybe you'll be in Hufflepuff like me

Created by: Sophia

  1. What would you rather be able to do
  2. What is your favorite color
  3. Who wood you date
  4. What do you like best
  5. What kind of popcorn do you like
  6. Which is you
  7. Gender are you
  8. Continuing from last question
  9. Which would you rather have
  10. Continuing from last question

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