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Hey guys, than you for your big support! Thank you to my fans and my ideasmen. I'm not popular in go-to-quiz, so you probably don't know me, well I'm Cathy. This is The Scary Quiz, where you get these things to do around gotoquiz. You don't have to do these, but this quiz is more suitable for those who are going to do them, because it might get a bit boring for the ones who aren't going to do it :)

Anyway, I don't think anyone reads these stuff because they're in the new quizzes list. So if you are reading this, please, please, please, please, please and a 100+ pleases, comment and rate this quiz. By starting the quiz, you are officially agreeing you are rating & commenting on the quiz.

Created by: Cathy

  1. Do you like scariness or scariness?
  2. DO YOU think YOU'LL be able to do anything I say you should do?
  3. Do u think u'll be able to say 'Death is coming' to a random person walking around the road?
  4. R u bored doing this quiz, cause I think some quizzes are cool, but I get bored in the middle. Is my quiz like that?
  5. I sometimes struggle to get lots of questions on a quiz. R u like that?
  6. does the cartoon bluey haunt you?
  7. He he hehe
  8. The before question was me trying to stutter a voldemort laugh. Do you think it was accurate?
  9. Phew! I finally got some questions on the quiz.
  10. What's ur favourite colour?
  11. What horror movie/show is your fav?
  12. Bye

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