The Random Quiz About Me(Because I'm Bored)

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Hi again! I'm here with yet another quiz. This one is similar to my "How Well Do You Know Me Even If You Don't Know Me?" quiz but I'm pretty bored so I made it based mostly on guessing lol. Good luck!

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Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. Ok I'm insanely bored so I'm making this quiz for no reason in particular lol. This is just a quiz where because no one knows me all that well, it's sort of based all on guessing. Also, these are very random questions about me so if you get them all wrong don't feel bad. Ready to start?
  2. What am I wearing right now?
  3. What did I have for breakfast this morning?
  4. What two stickers did I make and put on my phone case?
  5. What song am I listening to right now?
  6. Which one of the songs listed is my favorite song right now?
  7. Which Marvel movie did I watch last night?
  8. Which instrument do I play?
  9. Am I wearing socks right now?
  10. Who do I like better?
  11. Where am I in my house right now?
  12. What color group do I like best?
  13. Which Pokemon game do I like best?
  14. Will you comment and/or rate?

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