The Random Qui-DUCK!

Welcome to my Ultimate and only Random Quiz! (Not saying ever) AKA, don't blame me if it SUCKS! I hope you'll enjoy. I was bored. (Obvious) Anyways, enjoy my quizzzz!

Windmills cast shadows over the toothfairy's palace, and so they have to be taken down. Yeah, whatever. For some comments, you'll see (a comment) with it. That's what I'd react if you truly used that answer.

Created by: Skydragon
  1. For a starter, we'll begin with a question for you. How much do cows weigh, when cabbage is sueing Mars?
  2. When was Santa Claus born?
  3. If you were a duck, where would you live?
  4. True or false: A tomato should flatten the pizza guy.
  5. Your dog you'd call;
  6. I scream for ice cream!
  7. Your element is;
  8. A fatiranism is...
  9. Dinosaurs are said to have died from...
  10. Teachers are good for...
  11. What's for dinner?
  12. Special report! Lemons are dominating the world in many countries! Stay indoors, and be sure to have your blender at ready.
  13. Grand finale! Disneyland!

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