The PowerPuff Mystery

In this quiz, you are figuring out who stole the Crystalinni Kitty from the Townsville diamond museum. You need to follow the clues and eliminate the suspects, one by one.

I hope to be the one to bring Mystery Quizzes to I hope you enjoy it and please comment and tell me if I should make more quizzes like this, and please make mystery quizzes so it can catch on. Thanks, and enjoy!

Created by: CollieAndBerner

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  1. Read the first two paragraphs first, please. First off, this is your list of who did it. Just choose one, nothing here counts.
  2. Next, choose the one who matches the description -- they didn't do it.
  3. They did not have long hair.
  4. Some questions will have two correct answers, but choose one and it will still count.
  5. It was a single villain; not a group or gang.
  6. It wasn't an animal, but it could have been an odd creature-bug type thing...
  7. It wasn't someone who is pink.
  8. So who did it?
  9. Who do you want to beat them up? (No credit)
  10. Will you do my other quizzes? Look for Which Forest Animal are You? too, it just won't connect to my account.

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