The Mortal Instruments Quiz

Welcome to the mortal instruments quiz. This is about the books by Cassandra Clare. (IDK if theres some war game out there on X-box by the same name or anything soooo just letting you know.)

WARNING: if you haven't read all the books, I recommend not continuing. This has stuff from all the books, soooo in other words, THERE MAY BE SPOILERS! But I hope you enjoy it and rate it and comment on it and all that good stuff. Good Luck!

Created by: thesinisterone
  1. We'll start off easy. . . What is the name of the high warlock of brooklyn?
  2. Which of the following is a Vampire?
  3. What is the order of the Mortal Instruments series?
  4. What was the major cliffhanger at the end of City of Fallen Angels?
  5. Who does Clary think is her brother for the first two and a half books?
  6. Who is known to make clever remarks (quiet frequently perverted too.....)
  7. What last name is Jace's?
  8. which of these is the Clave's saying?
  9. are there any gays in The Mortal Instruments series?
  10. which of these are couples in TMI?
  11. Who is the main bad guy in the first three books?
  12. Who is the main bad guy in the LAST three books?
  13. Last question. Who is on the cover of City of Ashes?

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