the mlp fim derpy hooves quiz

Derpy Hooves is a character from My little pony friendship is magic on the Hub. she is very awesome and I think she is the best pony on the show! (aside from princess luna of course!)

She only speaks in one episode and unfortunately is named offensive! I don't think she is but if you think otherwise, comment! Yes it's true that she is a little offensive but....... yeah.......:] :] :] :]

Created by: pony

  1. what episode does she first derp in?
  2. what is her show given name?
  3. the last question was confusing. hint! not derpy question-in what episode does she speak first?
  4. what is her cutie mark
  5. what color is her mane?
  6. who is her voice actress/actor?
  7. what color is her coat?
  8. what kind of pony is she?
  9. what element of harmony is she?
  10. what color is her eyes?

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