The Harry Potter Test

Many good wizards, many bad wizards, many nuetral wizards, or maybe even a muggle. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Curse, Jinx, Charm, or Hex.

Are you a good wizard? Are you an evil wizard? Are you nuetral? Or are just a non-magic muggle? Are you going to join Voldemort? Are you sworn enemies with evil wizards? Or a double-agent? Find out in this test

Created by: Jose
  1. If Voldemort came to your house, what would you do?
  2. You have you're enemy trapped, which spell would you chooose
  3. What house would you'd like to be in?
  4. What type of spell would you like to use?
  5. What Potion would you use?
  6. What teacher would resembles you the most?
  7. What class do you like
  8. If your friend was hit by a curse, while all your Knuts, Sickles, and Galleons (wizard money) were being stolen, what would you do?
  9. You're enemy steals you're money, what would you do?
  10. What patronus form would take of?
  11. Which magical item would you have?
  12. Describe any kind of wizard friend you want

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