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here is a what gender are you quiz (i messed up the name of the quiz and gotoquiz wont let me fix it lol) this also includes several non binary identities. i am a person of science and a non binary person i noticed a lack of rational ideas or quizzes for gender

and the specific non binary identities so here i am. weather your here for fun or genuinely are looking for answers to your gender identity you came to the right place.

Created by: Zane

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. so lets start off with questions on dysphoria/discomfort, do you have it on a scale of one to ten?
  2. what lower parts do you feel you should have?
  3. how do you want chest?
  4. what facial features do you wish you had
  5. body figure shoulders, hips curves, muscle ?
  6. voice?
  7. your fashion, hair, style?
  8. how is your social dysphoria, how do you want others to see you
  9. what pronouns so you prefer?
  10. so now daily life questions, first what restroom do you use or prefer?
  11. are you in touch with your emotions?
  12. science shows that male and females have different brain structures, it also applies to transgender people have brain structures that matches their identity if you could see your brain would it look more like a female brain or male brain?
  13. what mannerisms do you have are they more masculine (examples girls swing their arms while guys dont and guys sit with their legs apart and girls dont )
  14. how so you socialize what is your attitude?
  15. where do you fall gender roles?
  16. what gender do you tend to hang out the most with
  17. now for preferences. would you rather be strong and tough or beautiful and charismatic
  18. choose a color (not on your favorite, but on the symbolism )
  19. preferred tv genre?
  20. would you rather go on a camp out or a spa day
  21. would you rather go to the mall or play with fireworks
  22. what are you are you studying and/or want to study?
  23. what is your favorite morning activity ?
  24. pick a quote
  25. mow for questions about childhood what toys did you play with?
  26. what kids did you tend to play with?
  27. how did you feel about gender roles as a kid?
  28. now to questions on how intense you experience gender. how in touch are you with femininity or how female do you feel
  29. how in touch are you with your masculinity, how male are you?
  30. how separate from male and female do you feel, how strong do feel you should have no gender?
  31. do you feel like you are somewhere between male and female?
  32. does your gender change?
  33. how does your gender feel
  34. how do you hope others will see you as?
  35. what gender do you hope to get?
  36. hugs farewell

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