The flash quiz. :)

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Are you a fan of the flash if you are let's see how good you are. There are lots of questions from who is the flash to who is vibe. This is for you if you are a big fan.

Enjoy!! I love the flash did you know there is 8 seasons so far and 156 episodes. In the show the flash saves lives you can too try do do the best you can with your life.

Created by: Klobo100

  1. Who is the flash?
  2. Who is vibe?
  3. Who killed Barry's father?
  4. How long was Barry in a coma for?
  5. What power does Cecile Horton have?
  6. Who killed Barry's Mom?
  7. What main medahuman was in series 4?
  8. Who is caitlin snows lookalike?
  9. Who plays Barry/the flash?
  10. What powers does allegra have?
  11. How did the flash get their powers?

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