The Fabulous Gay/Bi Men Music Quiz

Do you like gay and bisexual men's music? Are you a fan of Elton John? Well, take this quiz and you just might find out how well you know gay and bi men's music!

So please be aware that not all artists are included, and that some of the men included are obscure. But you're up for the challenge, aren't you, tiger?

Created by: Tipper of Spiral Space Gay Culture Blog
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  1. Which gay singer sang "Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat" in the original Broadway cast recording of CATS the musical?
  2. Which gay singer-songwriter wrote the song "Lesbian Seagull" which was covered by Engelbert Humperdinck in "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America"?
  3. Which gay musician was dubbed "Mr. Showbusiness?"
  4. Which gay singer and songwriter is also a star in British Theatre?
  5. What was NOT a name of Freddie Mercury's partner?
  6. Were any of the other members of Queen gay or bisexual?
  7. Which (rumored) gay Austrian singer sings in the band EAV?
  8. Which of these classical composers DID NOT like men?
  9. Which of these gay rock singers is a countertenor?
  10. Which gay singer played the main role in the film Girl Stroke Boy?
  11. Which gay singer played the main role in the film "Sincerely Yours"?
  12. Which gay lead singer sings "King of Everything?"
  13. Which gay musician wants to be your father figure?
  14. Which of these eccentric musician's first relationship was with a man, while the rest of his relationships were with women?
  15. Which of these musicians NEVER publically claimed to be bisexual?
  16. He cried all the way to the bank?
  17. Which of these is NOT a David Bowie song?
  18. Who sang "Oscar Wilde Gets Out"?
  19. Which of these singers is still alive today?
  20. He sang "Total Eclipse"?
  21. Who said "The most political thing you can do is be yourself"?
  22. He is "humasexual" i.e. attracted to humans?
  23. Which is NOT written by Freddie Mercury?
  24. This is NOT a Smith's song?
  25. He is Jewish?
  26. He is of Polish and Italian ancestry?
  27. He was born in Jamaica?
  28. This man was also a talented pastry chef?
  29. He was once a mime?
  30. Who sang with RuPaul?

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