The Cosby Show Quiz

The Cosby Show is one of the greatest shows in the history of Black Entertainment. It is loved by young and old alike. This quiz will test your knowledge of America's most beloved African American family.

How much do you know about the Cosby Show? This quiz will test your 'Cosby' smarts, and determine if you are a true Cosby Show fan. How else will you know if you don't take it?

Created by: iluvbeinblack

  1. How many children do Cliff and Claire Huxtable have?
  2. Who is the second oldest Huxtable child?
  3. Which of these boyfriends that came through the Huxtable house over the years was Vanessa's?
  4. In the episode The Day the Spores Landed, what was Martin's baby?
  5. Finish this sentence that was often spoken by Cliff Huxtable: Your mother and I are rich. You.....
  6. In the episode Theo's Women, Theo's girlfriend Justine caught him kissing another girl student in the lobby of the university. What was her name and what was her major?
  7. What was Rudy's name for her childhood friend Kenny?
  8. Who played Stanley, Rudy's first official boyfriend and a dyslexic student in Theo's afterschool program?
  9. In the episode The Birth, when Sondra delivered twins, one of her comments to her father Cliff Huxtable was, "I'm looking forward to every moment I get to spend with them." To which Cliff responded......
  10. Name the two male chauvinists in the show.
  11. What was the main thing about Denise that made Cliff and Claire repeatedly exasperated with her?
  12. How many seasons did the show run?

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