the batman quiz

this quiz is my second batman quiz and third superhero quiz im thinking of doing a Apocalypse survival qiz any way this is to mark batman v superman dawn of justice it is a really good film

will you get a high score will you beat everyone elses score or will you totally and utterly fail its time to find out your destiny is a mouse click away.

Created by: sam

  1. i'll start easy batman first appeared in detective comics
  2. the batman classic the dark knight returns was written by?
  3. what is batman's secret identity?
  4. what was bob kanes original design for batman which was later changed by bill finger before batmans first apearance
  5. right halfway there in a fight between batman and superman who would win
  6. in the dark knight returns what does batman use to defeat the mutants during their fight in the dump
  7. in the dark knight trilogy who trained batman in batman begins
  8. batman Hush was which artists first major work with batman
  9. how many villans know batman's identity
  10. what is batman's first recurring villan
  11. in the long Halloween who is murdered first
  12. and finally the name of the villain the second robin becomes was originally used by what villain

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