Thank god its over...Nearly.

there are many unlucky humans but few are truly cursed. this quiz should help you understand your case of unlucky and should also be able to stop it. so good luck and i hope you are a lucky human. after all if theres something better than candy its good luck! well i just had a day dream about candy.

are you lucky? do you only have nightmares once a year? do you grow four leaf clovers? or have a black cat? take this quiz to find out! and good luck! hey i just made a joke!

Created by: phoebe
  1. do you believe in god?
  2. do you believe in lucky charms?
  3. i dont like you.........
  4. i was just joking. i like you.
  5. so you think your unlucky.....
  6. are you happy or sad or bored right now?
  7. what was jusus's first miracle?
  8. look out of the window. whats the weather?
  9. smile. how does it make you feel?
  10. why don't you recomend that smiling thing?

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