taylor swift!!!

YOU BETTER DO GOOD AT THIS!!!!! I will haunt you if you dont! jkjkjkjk! this quiz is to test you on your knowledge of taylor swift lyris. its a little hard though.

before you take this quiz go and listen to her songs a few times. some of these questions are in the middle of verses. i threw easy questions in there.

Created by: anna

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  1. "________ is a slammin screen door sneakin out late tapping on your window
  2. "Its strange to see the songs we used to sing. the ______ everything: is gone"
  3. "hey______ i know looks can be deceiving but i know i saw a light in you"
  4. "there's somthin about the way the ________ looks when its just rained, theres a glow off the _________ you walk me to the ________
  5. "once upon a time, i beleive it was a ________ when i caught your eye"
  6. "he respects my _________ and never makes me wait and he calls exactly when he says he will"
  7. "you dont have to call anymore, i wont pick up the phone this is the last _________ dont wanna hurt anymore"
  8. "im in the room its a typical ______ night, im listenin to the kinda music she dont like.
  9. "cause when your _____ and somebody tells you they love you, youe gonna believe them"
  10. "_____ looks, at me. i fake a smile so he wont see that i want and im needin everything that we should be"

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