Talented sport revision test.

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Studying for a talented sports test can be hard and overwhelming, that’s why this quiz exists. So you can revise by seeing how well you know the topics.

I highly recommend you give this a go. Don’t worry no ones gonna judge ya if you make a mistake. Do it for fun and I will go to throne. Have fun MATE!

Created by: Gep
  1. Recovery and rehab, what is the learning intention?
  2. When should you do recovery and rehab?
  3. Recovery is what?
  4. What is not a good recovery method?
  5. Which of the 3 sentences are true?
  6. Recovery is important because: (Pick the most correct option)
  7. The learning intention is: “to understand the difference between static and dynamic stretching.” What might the topic be?
  8. ———— is known as a range of motion, or movement around a joint or particular set of joints. WHAT WORD FITS AT THE BEGGING?
  9. If someone wanted to increase the range of movement of a particular joint they schooled do more...
  10. Stretching that involves continuous movement.
  11. Stretching that involves no or non-continueous movement.
  12. Stretches that are not specific to a sport.
  13. Stretches that improves flexibility.
  14. Dynamic stretching
  15. What does stretching do to warm up your muscles?
  16. Static stretching does not loosen off the muscles.
  17. PNF stretching is

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