Swiftie test!!! ( hard)

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Welcome to my quiz! This quiz will tell you if you’re a swiftie or not! If you din’t like Taylor swift, that’s okay! We all are different people and nobody is the same!

I hope you do good and I hope you actually, try because in my other quiz nobody tried. They just clicked random buttons and called it a day! I hope you are not like that and bye!

Created by: Thea
  1. Do you know what a swiftie is??
  2. What is Taylor swift)s biggest fear??
  3. What is Taylor swift’s favorite color?
  4. Do you like Taylor swift?
  5. What is her show called?
  6. Have you ever gone to any of her shows??
  7. What is Taylor swift’s first album called?
  8. What is Taylor swift’s newest album called?
  9. How many albums did she re-record?
  10. Is there a film for the eras tour??
  11. What are Taylor swift’s re-recorded albums called?

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