Spongebob quiz 2009

Well here's the instructions at the end you will get a score of course the younger the character the better there are 0-16% Flying Dutchman 17-33% Mermaid Man 34-50% Mr. Krabs 51-67% Sandy 68-84% Patrick 85-100% Spectacular Spongebob

Oh I forget stuff this is the Spongebob quiz 1 This is a nice easy quiz but hey, You'll never get the last question right it's a code!... ... Oh I really Shouldn't have said that "Daniel" "Uh yes boss" I'll be back in a second

Created by: Daniel Jones

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  1. Who is Spongebob's pet
  2. Where is Sandy from
  3. How much wiehgt can Spongebob lift
  4. Who owns the goo lagoon
  5. Estimate how much wieght sandy can lift
  6. What is Spongebobs favourite cereal
  7. Patricks seconds name is...
  8. Does Patrick know 35+75
  9. Can Patrick lift 1kg
  10. Is Patrick the correct answer
  11. Has mermaid man been searching for the moth for 58 years
  12. What is the longest Spongebob took to tie his shoe
  13. Is Squidward more or less lucky than the number of this question
  14. What is the longest time the chum bucket has stayed open for
  15. If sandy had 35 nuts and she lost 12 how many would she have left
  16. Is Mermaid man 65
  17. How many Mermaid man and Barnicle boy episodes are there in roman numerals
  18. Can Squidward Juggle
  19. How many krabby patties can Spongebob flip at once
  20. Si aicirtap yllaer kcirtap

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