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Spirit animals is a book series written by multiple authors such as: Brandon Mull, Marie Lu, Shannon Hale, Garth Nix/Sean Williams,Jonathan Auxer, Varian Johnson and many more!!

Spirit Animals is about 4 kids who summon 4 great beasts. (And i don't really know what else to wright here!!) Spirit animals brings you on a rollercoster of wonderful book lore, from the down to the up!!!

Created by: Rose Barbanch

  1. Witch child was taken away by Zerif when they Called there Spirit Animal?
  2. Who is Conor's favorite sheepdog?
  3. General Chi was Meilin's Father's most closest aide?
  4. The other boys tried to nickname Rollan Justice.
  5. In chapter 5: training Abeke tells Shane that her mother died _ years prior. What number goes into the blank spot?
  6. how many sister(s) does Conner have?
  7. What is the Correct way to spell Rollan's spirit animals name?
  8. What world dose spirit animals take place in?
  9. What beast is Olvan's spirit Animal?
  10. What is the subtitle on the back of the book?

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