Spectrum Test (for Ruby Redfort fans)

I hope you like my quiz. Now: what is the point of an introduction paragraph. I will type random letters to get out of this in paragraph two. don't judge me.

Pooop ferv fetv dfje cmdnfms vdndbasn djbsf dfbsnbf cnsbfewnbf csnfbsnf csandbanf bdsgrjh hdrgqjdf shdghrg dbdenre dhrghsgddmfkh hsgdebsnhbsf fjehtrhg

Created by: Trudy Miller
  1. You are a prison warden. You must take 3 infamous prisoners to Beak Bay Prison. There names are Solo Senf, Draco Delphi, and Pablo Smitheran. The problem is you must cross a river on the way, and your boat only holds two people. If you leave the prisoners alone on the riverbank, Pablo will kill Solo, and Draco will kill Pablo.You must be in the boat at all times. How do you get them across?
  2. Answer this wisely:Timmy Tucker talks too much his teacher should tell him to stop. How many Ts are there in those two sentences?
  3. What is the trick to this: I like girls, not boys. I like coffie, not tea. I like milk, not water.
  4. Spot the error: Early to bed, and early to to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  5. Add: 40 plus 90 plus 150 plus 1000 would be:
  6. If Thelma ate 4 apples last night, and her brother ate 6 over a weekend there mom gets mad at them . They have only 1 apple now, becuase their daddy ate 78 (not likely) mabye thats a lie, more like 3, how many apples did they start with?
  7. Over a course of 8 days, 4 peacocks lay 7 eggs each. Over a course of 16 days, how many eggs would you have?
  8. What is the following number in sequence?67,98,78,96,97,76,89,87,69,79,86
  9. Almost done
  10. Did you like my quiz?

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