Spartan or Persian?

In everyone's life, they are givin the beautiful chance to shine in the light of the heavens. It is by those who are truely worthy, do we have reason to think as such. This will define that you are a Spartan, or if you fall below the lines of cowardice and opportunity, a Persian.

Do you think you're ready to see who you are inside? Find your true strength as you journey through scenerios only fit for a true Spartan. Beware, the harsh reality is short and cold if you choose unwisely.

Created by: Sparta
  1. Reliable and strong, you would do anything, even die for your best friend.
  2. War is afoot, and your numbers come from close to nothing. You will fight hard and strong; anything for your home land.
  3. The battle has been hard and long, you feel stifled from the sent of blood, and your legs are weak.
  4. You would do anything to let your blade taste the blood of the enemy.
  5. You dream of someday becomming a wise warrior. You will let nothing stand in your way.
  6. You hear an order from your leader. This order sounds boldly dangerous, but he knows what he is saying. You reply:
  7. What is your profession?
  8. "Give them nothing! But take from them everything!"
  9. There is no other way to get what you want unless you fight for it.
  10. You are a worthy person, able to be trusted by anyone who you are befriended with.

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