Sorting Hat Quiz: Which Hogwarts House are you in?

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There's nothing hidden in your head the Sorting Hat can't see, so try me on and I will tell youwhere you ought to be! So put me on! Don't be afraid! And you won't get in a flap! You're safe in my hands (though I have none)! For I'm a Thinking Cap!!

This Sorting Hat quiz will put you in the house you belong in! The results may not be completely accurate, but if you answer honestly, there will be a very high chance that the results are correct! Good luck!

Created by: Nat
  1. Someone you care about is in danger! What do you do?
  2. Which is your favorite nature element?
  3. What is your favorite spell?
  4. If you could change everything about the world, what would you change first?
  5. Which of these Disney Movies do you like best, and why?
  6. What is an ideal afternoon for self-bonding?
  7. What is your favorite board game?
  8. What are your thoughts on superstitions?
  9. Which one of these is closest to your dream proffesion?
  10. Which of these is your favorite animal (preditor)?

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Quiz topic: Sorting Hat Quiz: Which Hogwarts House am I in?