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So this is simple its like your average quiz if you were literally have been sleeping under a rock for the whole fricking earth years lol just kidding... welcome to gobbleys world.

Oh also go get you fricking fries and milkshake and burger or whatever you eat because this finna be good oh right and get your friends now welcome to gobbleys world also brb i have to poop.

Created by: gobbley

  1. who is harry's Bestfriend
  2. Who is Heir Slytherin
  3. What year did Voldemort come back
  4. What is harry's owl name
  5. Who is harry's girlfriend/wife
  6. who does harry hate more
  7. what is harry's house
  8. what spell does harry always use
  9. In the first year what did the flags turn too?
  10. Did i take the pottermore quiz?

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