Sick and Demented Survey

This quiz will ask some sick and twisted questions, that will make you think outside the box and question the authors mental health. Be prepared to answer some really demented questions... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Answer with you gut instinct. The quicker the better. Don't second guess yourself if you want to figure out how sick you really are. don't be afraid to answer what you really feel... no one is looking

Created by: Penguin

  1. Would you consider stealing from your friends when your out of money?
  2. Have you ever grabbed your genitals and then shook someone's hand?
  3. Would you make a pact with Satan to accomplish what you want?
  4. Would you help me bury a dead hooker no questions asked?
  5. Will you ever have sex with a person with both genitals?
  6. Knowing that your not getting caught would you torture a complete stranger for thrill of it ?
  7. Would you personally shoot a dog in the head to put it out of its misery?
  8. If you ran someone over while drunk and no one saw would you leave the crime scene leaving the person behind?
  9. Would you kill a sibling to save your mom's life?
  10. Would you ever eat your pet if your moments away from starving to death?
  11. Will you dismember a relative to save your own life?

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