Should You Still Be In Kindergarten?

Loads of people boast that they are in older children's classes, or even out of school. But true clever people are quite hard to find. A clever person can be found in any age group.

Are YOU smart? Or should you ask to go back to nursery? Until now you could just dream. But take this quiz and you could find out whether it is Kindergarten for you or not.

Created by: Molly
  1. What is the square root of 16?
  2. How long did Anne Jones & Co. survive in hiding?
  3. Which one of these is a hash?
  4. How many definitions does 'intricate' have?
  5. What mythology did the character Jupiter feature in?
  6. What are the traditional colours for boys and girls?
  7. Should You Still Be In Kindergarten?
  8. What is the opposite of light?
  9. What is perfume?
  10. If Jenny has 2 pounds, and two toffees cost 30p all together, how much does Jenny have left?

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Quiz topic: Should I Still Be In Kindergarten?