Should you own a horse?

Want to know your true destiny to owning a horse? Find out here! We're you destined to have a horse or not? Find out here! Plenty of questions to affect your answers!

Now you can finally see whether you are as good of a horse whispers as you thought! Come on in and try and see if you really do need to get a horse or if you need to avoid them!

Created by: Charlie
  1. Do you do lessons or work around horses?
  2. Have you owned a horse before? Or part-boarded a horse?
  3. What's a gelding?
  4. What is saddleseat?
  5. A BIT is a..
  6. Do you like horses?
  7. Did you like this quiz?
  8. Were not done yet!
  9. What color horse?
  10. Who's your best friend?
  11. Horses ______!
  12. What should you feed horses

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Quiz topic: Should I own a horse?