Ship it or rip it (FNAF!)

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This includes my ships, ships you don't agree with, my AU. If you don't like anything mentioned, please leave. I do not tolerate hate... No hate to anyone, at all, please.

So, this is mainly going to be the Aftons, FNAF 1, SL, FNAF 4. If you do not like ships and/or do not approve of AU's, this quiz is not for you! Enjoy the quiz, please!

Created by: AftonNerd

  1. William X Mrs. Afton
  2. William X Henry
  3. William X Any of FNAF 1
  4. William/Glitchtrap X Vanny
  5. William X Glitchtrap
  6. Mrs. Afton X Vanny
  7. Michael X Ennard
  8. Michael X An OC
  9. Michael X Jeremy Fitzgerald
  10. Michael X Vanny
  11. Elizabeth X Gabriel (CB X Freddy)
  12. Elizabeth X Charlie
  13. Elizabeth X Ennard
  14. Elizabeth X OC
  15. Elizabeth X Any of SL
  16. C.C. X Nightmare
  17. C.C. X Cassidy
  18. C.C. X OC
  19. Any FNAF 4 ships? (Bullies or animatronics)
  20. Any FNAF 1 ships? (The robots)
  21. Any ships with the Aftons? (Not with each other, obviously-)
  22. Ships at all???????
  23. Last one.... Hi

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