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Welcome to the Andromeda RP Sergeant Test. Throughout this test you will have to complete this under the supervision on your instructor. If you are ready to start. Please Start.

If you have any questions or require more time to complete this test. Please let your instructor know. If you need to take a break or deal with something else, Please let your instructor know.

Created by: Perry

  1. As a sergeant are you permitted to let other units attempt pit maneuvers in attempt to stop a fleeing vehicle
  2. You sign on duty, you have just announced that you are 10-8 and a vault robbery has started. You are the only Supervisor on duty and you have 3 probationary and 4 officers on duty, Which officers do you tell to go to the vault?
  3. You have just finished your shift and have announced that you are 10-42. Suddenly you see all the officers running towards the front of the MRPD with class three firearm's drawn, you over here them say that someone is shooting at MRPD with a pistol, What do you do?
  4. Can you use full armor and department's weapons off-duty
  5. What would you do if there was an hostage situation inside an house and you found out about it, all by yourself?
  6. What are the ranks of the LSPD bottom to top?
  7. What does Code green mean?
  8. Which of the following would approve code red?
  9. What must you do before detaining a suspect with his hands up?
  10. If someone is breaking police sops what do you do?
  11. You ask a civilian if you can check his palms for recent activitys (firearm discharge residue) and he agrees. You continue to do the test with the search function and you find that he has not fired a gun but you see that he is carrying a SMG. What do you do?
  12. Its day one of you being sergeant. You have gone to the armory and received your new loadout. You have just pulled out your new vehicle that is assigned to you. You look out your window and you see officers with there class 3 firearms in 7.62 variant. What do you do?
  13. Lewis has recently purchased his own golf buggy. He invites his friend Benjamin round, to take the golf buggy for a drive. In their desire to have fun, the two get increasingly reckless with their driving. Lewis mounts the curb, and strikes a young man – named Kevin. Kevin is knocked to the ground, and dies at the scene. Benjamin tells Lewis not to worry – he claims that Lewis cannot have committed the offence of causing death by dangerous driving, as the golf buggy is a mechanically propelled vehicle, and not a motor vehicle. Lewis disagrees with him. In this instance, which of the two is correct?
  14. Select the sentence that is correctly written.
  15. A local pharmacy has been burglarized. The following is a summary of the kinds of drugs that were stolen and their total value: Narcotics $7,000; Barbiturates $4,000; Analgesics $9,500; and Other $3,000. What category of drugs represents the most expensive loss to the pharmacy?

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