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Did you love my supervisor and family homemade made also with hugs and kisses and if you really loved it you are a sweetheart and an angle above sweet heavenly joyness!

Ptyradactal photos are made to be happily looked at for the most sweetest releases of happiness and greatest and yet the coolest and very neatest heartwarming mermories!

Created by: MHgirl

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  1. When ur ready _____ and get it
  2. Cause ur _______ down
  3. A _____ without rain
  4. CHANGE! Topic: teen beach movie
  5. All the the _____ , they try to wow me the more i resist
  6. Surf surf surf , surf surf ______
  7. Topic change: Coco (Courtney) Jones
  8. Holla at the ____
  9. Sorry, no idea so...... TOPIC CHANGE : Brittany Spears
  10. I ______ go
  11. Bye!

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