Religious Extremism Quiz

This is a test to see if you are a religious extremist and if so what religion. Take the test and show all your friends, your result. This is a short quiz.

There will be statements about your religious conviction. If you agree with the statements then click I agree and if you disagree click I disagree. There will also be multiple choice questions, click what you agree with.

Created by: Sigvear
  1. I would die for my faith?
  2. People not of my faith should die.
  3. God is (blank)
  4. Christianity is (blank)
  5. I view Israel as...
  6. My most extreme idea about Judaism is...
  7. My most extreme view about Islam is...
  8. My most extreme view on Paganism is...
  9. My most extreme view on Christianity is...
  10. I would prefer to live in a theocratic nation where I am at the bottom of the socio/economic latter, instead of a forced atheist nation where I am in the top 1%.

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