Red Dwarf Quiz

Red Dwarf is among the many great British comedy TV shows, among others such as Spaced and Monty Python. This quiz will test your basic knowledge of Red Dwarf as well as your ability to recall specific instances and quotes. the questions vary from general to very specific.

If you are very familiar with Red Dwarf, this quiz should be no problem. If you've only just heard of it or seen just one or two episode, this will be quite a challenge for you. Discover if you truly know Red Dwarf and take the quiz. I wish you all good luck.

Created by: Zander Rogers

  1. Dave Lister holds what position on the Red Dwarf?
  2. what kind of ship is the Red Dwarf?
  3. what is the first question Rimmer asks Lister on the show?
  4. in the episode "Backwards", what language do the Cat and Lister think the reversed English is on Earth?
  5. who is the special guest star in the episode "Timeslides"?
  6. when the crew of the Red Dwarf discover an alternate universe in "Dimension Jump", who is known as Ace in their parallel existence?
  7. how do the crew of the Red Dwarf jump to yet another dimension in "Parallel Universe"?
  8. What is Kryton's favorite TV show?
  9. what game does Holly lose to Queeg at in the episode "Queeg"?
  10. In the episode "confidence and Paranoia", Lister catches a mutated strand of pneumonia. In his feverish sleep, what does his dream cause to actually happen in real life?
  11. in the episode "Balance of Power", who does Rimmer swap hologramatic appearances with to trick Lister?
  12. who did Lister Name his two sons after?

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