Ratboys F1 quiz

So you think your a formula 1 fanatic come on in and give this little quiz a go. maybe you will do better than you think or maybe worse but remember cheats get found out ;)

A quiz to test out you knowledge of Formula 1. Maybe you will do better than you think or maybe worse, so fins out if your Ferrari at the front or HRT trundling around harmlessly

Created by: Ratboy
  1. For what reason was Nigel Mansell disqualifeid for in the 1989 Portugese GP
  2. Dijon 1979 is best remembered for Gilles Villeneuves and Rene Arnouxs battle for second but who won?
  3. How many sons of former F1 drivers have also competed in Formula 1
  4. Where would Mclaren of finished in the 2007 constructors championship had they not been disqualified
  5. How long was Marcus Winkelhocks career
  6. In terms of race wins who is the most successful Finnish driver
  7. Who was Michael Schumachers first F1 team mate
  8. How many F1 drivers have also competed in the BTCC
  9. Which driver currently holds the record for consecutive Poles
  10. Who is the youngest driver to stand on the podium?
  11. which driver holds the record for most consecutive visits to the podium?
  12. In which year was the closest Drivers championship points tally?
  13. Which year has the largest amount of different winners?
  14. Which driver has the acheivement of a 167 GP gap between races?
  15. How many podiums did the Arrows team have?
  16. What did Ayrton Senna do to Eddie Irvine after the 1993 Japanese GP
  17. Where did Gerhard Berger win his first race?
  18. Who completed the podium in the ill-fated 2005 USA GP?
  19. Where was the first ever official GP held?
  20. Which race has been ever present on the F1 calender?
  21. How many team mates has Rubens Barrichello had?
  22. What happened to Johnny Herbert at the Spanish GP in 1995?
  23. How many races has Bernie Ecclestone attended as a driver?
  24. Ferrari are the most successful team, but which team has gone the longest with out points?

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