r u in love with justin bieber?

My quiz is about Justin Bieber.I chose to do a quiz on him because i love him.The hint to this quiz is to pick what u like in him.If you dont like him pick the ones that are not about loving him.

Do you love Justin Bieber?I will give you a little hint i love him to death.If you want to now if you love him take this quiz.Thanks to this quiz you can find out on this quiz.

Created by: ldw010

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. u r in love with him:
  2. do u think he is hot
  3. do u think he could be ur bf
  4. what is ur age
  5. what is ur gender
  6. how madly in love with JB
  7. If u could meet JB what would u say?
  8. would u like to kiss him
  9. do u like his music
  10. if u could would u give him ur num
  11. would u marry him

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