r u a vampire or werewolf?-Twilight

there are many different types of people, and this quiz separates the werewolfs from the vampires(if we put them together they'd probably eat each other... or maybe not..:D)

WHAT ARE YOU?!?! take this quiz to find ur inner truth, the one you've been ding to break out: R you a vampire or werewolf!?!? whatever you get, you'll probably be ok with what u got. if not... take it again!!! :D

Created by: Nikki/Konerkokrazy14
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wuld u enjoy shape-shifting into a werewolf or keeping ur "natural" beauty as a vampire?
  2. could u fight temptation well?
  3. ok do u even want to be werewolf? just wondering...
  4. idk im feeling random. what kind of pie do u lk? (no effect on ur final result... i think..:D)
  5. Hows it going? do u lk this quiz so far?
  6. Okie dokie! back on topic! wuld u keep ur power to urself? or let the whole world or ur friends know?
  7. wuld u rather be always and forever young or just stop aging for a while?
  8. ok gr8 vampire or werewolf?
  9. ok im gonna make a really random quiz after im done here think u'll take that?
  10. ok last question! do u lk edward or jacob

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