r u a true warrior cat?

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i will explain my quiz to u. there will be ten questions if u get a 100 - 80 u r a true warrior cat but if u get 50 - 0 then ur not a true warrior cat.make sure u dont chose selfish or mean things cuz if u do u will prob not be a true warrior cat.

if u dont know what answer u wanna chose then the very last question u can chose will say something like im not the leader u can chose that one if u want to. i hope u enjoy!!

Created by: Eleanor

  1. would u be loyal to the warrior code and ur clan?
  2. if there was a rouge attacking the camp what would u do?
  3. if u were the dep and the leader asks u to send out some patrols wich cats would u put together?
  4. u just became leader and u r picking wich cats r going to the gathering u chose..
  5. u r naming new warriors but dont know what to chose u..
  6. the med cat died and u had to chose who would be the next med but no one knew anything about being med and there was no med apprentice who would u chose?
  7. u r planning an attack on another clan cuz u caught them hunting on ur territory wich cats do u bring?
  8. the dep died and u now have to chose a new one who do u chose..
  9. u find out a warrior named moonfur was caught talking to a kittypet u talk to him and he says it was a mistake and that he did not know he was talking to a kittypet but u do not belive him and still punish him how do u punish him?
  10. ur dep came back from a patrol saying they found a kit in there territory and that it smelled of another clan what do u do?

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