R.M.S Titanic Quiz

Ladies and Gentelmen Welcome to my R.M.S Titanic quiz! Its full of adventure fun and getting questions right! Have fun playing my Titanic quiz P.S Have Fun

Do you think your good enough for a pet. I Know its not about that! Butat the end it might say you could get a pet for doing a good job!!!!!!!!!! Have Fun

Created by: Kallis

  1. What year the Titanic sink?
  2. What was the Titanic's record?
  3. What Ocean did the Titanic sink in?
  4. How long did it the Crew to find there way around the ship?
  5. How long was the Titanic in service for?
  6. What does "R.M.S" stand for?
  7. What are the Titanic's 2 sisters?
  8. Is everything on the Titanic real?
  9. What 2 movies are the main movies from the sinking?
  10. What year did the movie Titanic come out?
  11. How old are you?
  12. Whats your gender?

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