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HAYE PEOPLES!!!! This quiz is for girls, so if you're a guy you probably won't understand it. jkkjkwaaea;pdfjhkwaeo;gfdkjawo;dfljkjkao;ksdfjmnawok;frdkawejkfg

I am making random comments on all your answers. All of the qweztins are about Sonic the Hedgehog, except two of them. Anyway, HAVE FUN! Duh! kikuukuassdsdoo;awmbdslidfx

Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. BWAH!!!!!!!!
  2. Ok... what do you think of Sonic?
  3. What do you think of Shadow?
  4. I love Sonic!!!!
  5. I hate Shadow!!!!
  6. What's your fave video game?
  7. Anyway... which Sonic character is cuter?
  8. Which Sonic character is the worst?
  9. OK Are you a Shadow fangirl???
  10. Too many people are obsessed with Shadow.
  11. Are you a Sonic fangirl?
  12. Sonic, Shadow, or Silver?
  13. This is random but do you like the movie Lemonade Mouth?
  14. My name is Sapphire the Hedgehog.
  15. Last question.

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