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Okay, so I made this quiz for pet owners only. You can take it if you like, for non-pet owners. I made it because well, I like making quizzes, you know.

So, animals. Pets. We all have them, right? Do we know if we are taking care of them correctly? Well, you can seek advice from a vet in your area for advice.

Created by: soccergurl14
  1. What type of pet do you have?
  2. What type of brand do you feed your pet?
  3. How much attention do you give your pet?
  4. How much do you take your pet to the vet?
  5. Do you support animal cruelty/abuse?
  6. Do you play with your pet? If so, how much?
  7. Where did you buy your pet?
  8. Would you die for your pet to live?
  9. I love animals! How about you?
  10. End of quiz. Please comment! I'm soccergurl14, I created this quiz, I'm training to be a qualified vet so if you have any questions please email me: smartponyiq @aol. Com (just don't put the spaces) Also, please to go the vet for professional advice so you and your animal can live a long, forever, happy, healthy life TOGETHER!!!

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