Quiz for my sweetheart Linda

"this is a quiz to see how much you know Dwane and his first two years with you. if you score high, he will be extatic. if you socre on the less than high side, he will need love and attention to meke him feel better. in other words, he can't loose on this one.

"Are you a genius about Dwane? Do you have the knowledge to quality for that prestigious title? now you can find out instead of just wonder. take this quiz and all you know with come to LIGHT.

Created by: Dwane
  1. Who are the three most important females in my life?
  2. What are your best qualities and some reasons why I love you?
  3. Am I second fiddle to you?
  4. What is my favorite automobile.
  5. What color are my eyes?
  6. what kind of music do i like?
  7. What is my favorite thing to do when I get home from work?
  8. What time does the alarm go off first time in the morning?
  9. What is my birthday?
  10. What is my nickname for you?
  11. What do I do almost every Monday?
  12. What do I do almost every Wednesday?

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