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  • how do i hit the dab
    "does that mean I have to skip hitting the yeet? because I've bene taking lessons for about half a year now"
  • how do i hit the dab
    "I barely remember myself"
  • how do i hit the dab
    "y'all mind if i make a s---post"
  • Would you rather?
    "Angel Would you rather be skinny or fat?"
  • "Is this what I get for making a forum post? Wow, that's lovely."
  • ">Implying that almost everybody in Canada is fine money wise mainly because the Government here actually pays people money monthly, enough t..."
  • "Being fat isn't always the result of Greed... There are people that are physically not able to exercise causing them to gain weight easily (..."
  • "-.- Why the hate The Geek, What have I even done? All I said is that people should accept fat people into our society. It ain't a sin or som..."
  • "Lest we forget the ones who have fallen, The ones who put themselves in harms way, For people they won't know, or people they "
  • Random post 101
    "Not gonna even talk in this post you guys have fun talkin 'bout absolutely nothing but just sayin yep and ok and talkin about how anime is c..."
  • Life quiz!
    "Oh you went through my account haha Thanks :)"
  • Life quiz!
    "Well, screw this. I can't post the quiz."
  • Life quiz!
    "What time in your life will you / did you enjoy most? This should work, if it doesn't well, damn."
  • "1080 pages... whoa."
  • Life quiz!
    "[no urls] Speedy little quiz I made, took about 20 mins. Hope you all like it!!!"

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