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  • Monochrome Rainbows
    "This looks pretty cool"
  • Monochrome Rainbows
    "Italics are the only existing thing"
  • Monochrome Rainbows
    "Arise, my children, join the war against boldness Subtlety is important Wow, I actually spelled that right firs"
  • Monochrome Rainbows
    "This will become the thread where you can only speak in italics"
  • Monochrome Rainbows
    "tomorrows the start of a five day weekend for me :D"
  • Monochrome Rainbows
    "found this thread at last"
  • GTQ Comic (2)
    ""I think I know everyone except for Wolfpaw and you, Summer." Myzu skipped back to the group carrying desserts, pizza, and all kinds of othe..."
  • GTQ Comic (2)
    "Myzu replied, "I'm Almyzu. One of the newer users. I think I recognize you a bit… I’ve been here for roughly two weeks. Summer is a pretty n"
  • "Spice Who’s most likely to always say D when it’s time for T or D?"
  • GTQ Comic (2)
    ""You’ve been here before?" Myzu asked incredulously. "So we’re really in the site?" She ran her hands over the arm of a lopsided couch. "So "
  • "I don’t have Quotev, only Discord I would join though I also have gmail hehe"
  • Our Time Together
    ""They’re married platonically? I never knew," Lux exclaimed, eyes wide in disbelief. She gestured for Ashton to hurry over to her car."
    "Can I join the poops as well?"
  • GTQ Comic (2)
    "Myzu frowned. "What do you mean, GoToQuiz? GoToQuiz is a website, not a place. Unless…" She glanced at Cats and Esp. "You’re all my friends "
  • Y'all
    "We’ll just have to find out ;)"

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