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  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "Sure! I’m still looking for some! Remember, you can ask me to make up a plot if you feel like your character doesn’t apply to any of these s"
  • "ATTENTION: WhichWitch is a good friend of mine IRL. She has told me to inform you that the WhichWitch account is no longer active. Instead, ..."
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "[no urls]"
  • "Let’s start now. You wanna go first or should I?"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "Ok let me create the RP starbxrne!"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "1st: Juniline 2nd: Adria 2nd 2.0: Swadia"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "Got it. Alright. I’m gonna choose one now. Keep in mind, after the RP chosen is finished and/or abandoned, the remaining RP ideas will be av"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "That reminds me...does Adrian have a last name??"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "1. Okie dokie. 2. RIP Claire Whatever-her-last-name-was"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "Uh-huh. Alrightie! Adrian x Nadia is now an option!"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "Two things: 1. Adrian is indeed perfect for all three but I feel like my demon character is perfect because he is angel and dem"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "Ok, no spoilers, but I feel like Juniper x Caroline has a very good future ship-name-wise. I mean, look at this! "
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "Nobody? I didn’t think so!"
  • iCharlis RP Contest
    "Is it me, or does anyone else think that Swarm’s human version’s face would look a lot like IT from the front? LMAO"

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