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  • Yo GTQ Guy
    "Also fact: google logs stuff like the sites you interact with, how long you are on these sites (mostly when you're on a gmail account) and u..."
  • Yo GTQ Guy
    "Read the first post. Alot of sites, like SEMRUSH tracks traffic from these sites and uses it to display statistical data which helps competi..."
  • Yo GTQ Guy
    "There are just around 15 users active within the last 3 months, and the number is predicted to be 8 if the admin doesn't do something"
  • Yo GTQ Guy
    "Apparently, the forums used to be alive with almost 2000+ posts per day a few years ago. The decline started during the 2017 period and beca..."
  • Yo GTQ Guy
    "Average time= total user time/number of users"
  • Pineapple
    "Pineapple is great. If you don't like it, don't mean it's groos, you just have bad taste for quality food"
  • Yo GTQ Guy
    "According to semrush, GTQ recieved 1.5M visits in january, the average person spending about 6+ minutes. Idk if its something but please the..."
  • Yo GTQ Guy
    "Do you want to sell the site? If so, how much?"
  • <~In The Forest~>
    "What's the difference between making a thread, making a forum, and making a forum in a forum thread?"
  • ""
  • ""
  • The Abyss
    "But voldy went mouldy"
  • "The french man, who took the decision to be the world's first black alien has underwent multiple permanent body transformations, including c..."
  • -- cosmic river zone
  • "Epic! Looking forward to the next one."

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