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  • Wolves
    "Sorry wrong account lol this is hunter"
  • Wolves
  • soap anyone
  • Soap
    "Harley came back with food. She walked to the kitchens giving it to them. When she finished up she walk to telikos room knocking at the door..."
  • SOA Rp
    "Fey fell asleep quickly thinking it was weird that she could even sleep. The next morning she woke up forget she was in the gam"
  • Soap???
    "Hailey was amazed that she could do that but made way more sense on how she came out of no where"Wow. i um i have no words ""
  • "So Sorry!! Harley was cleaning off tables when jack walked into the dinner sitting at one of her tables"
  • hey
    "Hailey waited for corvus at the lunch line ten steped in . Grabbing a tray getting food"
  • Soap
    "Harley unlock the door closing it behind heer. Then she wwent to the store to get more food for everyone there."
  • Soap
    "Harley smiled "well i have to get back. make yourself at home"she walked away heading back up to the main building"
  • Soap
    ""here"She ndded at the door the stoped at"
  • Soap
    "Harley noticed he was nervous "Youll be fine"She said laughing a little "come on ill show you to your room" She walked into another set of d..."
  • The curse
    "Jack just laughed "No im not sure what your name is. but im jackson or jack which ever i dont care what you call me"
  • Soap
    "She walked him into the building then down a flight of stairs. At the bottom they came upon the a locked steel door, she quickly took out a ..."
  • fallen wing/ hunter!
    "Nightshade agreed nuzzling her then walking bakc to his clan"

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